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Our People

Our People

Obrecht Properties is home to a team of highly qualified professionals. With over 50 years of experience in developing, building and managing commercial space, we have earned our reputation as an innovative, resourceful, full-service development company.


Thomas F. Obrecht headshot

Thomas F. Obrecht


Email: tfo@obrechtproperties.com

Direct Phone: (410) 561-5858, ext. 8

George Obrecht headshot

George Obrecht


Email: gfo@obrechtproperties.com

Direct Phone: 410.561.5858 ext. 4

Paul Obrecht, Jr. headshot

Paul Obrecht, Jr.


Email: pfo@obrechtproperties.com

Direct Phone: 410.561.5858 ext. 6

Joseph Schaller headshot

Joseph Schaller

Vice President and General Counsel

Email: jschaller@obrechtproperties.com

Direct Phone: 410.561.5858 ext.7

Joe Keough headshot

Joe Keough

Chief Financial Officer

Email: jkeough@obrechtproperties.com

Direct Phone: 410.561.5858 ext. 9

Bryan Eberle headshot

Bryan Eberle

President of Construction

Email: beberle@obrechtproperties.com

Direct Phone: 410-561-5858, ext.3246

Fred Edeson headshot

Fred Edeson

Vice President of Property Managment

Email: fedeson@obrechtproperties.com

Direct Phone: 410-561-5858, ext.3265


Michele Blankenship

Email: mblankenship@obrechtproperties.com

Greg Boyle

Email: gboyle@obrechtproperties.com

Wendi Driver

Email: wdriver@obrechtproperties.com

Ed Eliason

Email: eeliason@obrechtproperties.com

Kelly Kramer

Email: kkramer@obrechtproperties.com

Melissa Malott

Email: mmalott@obrechtproperties.com

Sheri Reynolds

Email: sreynolds@obrechtproperties.com

Joan Weaver

Email: jweaver@obrechtproperties.com


Chad Canavan

Email: ccanavan@obrechtproperties.com

David Coco

Email: dcoco@obrechtproperties.com

Andrew Crosby

Email: acrosby@obrechtproperties.com

Mike Cullum

Email: mcullum@obrechtproperties.com

Gordon Davis

Email: gdavis@obrechtproperties.com

Margie Hammel

Email: mhammel@obrechtproperties.com

Mike Kenney

Email: mkenney@obrechtproperties.com

Charles Lange

Email: clange@obrechtproperties.com

Tom Preisinger

Email: tpreisinger@obrechtproperties.com

Gordie Tyler

Email: gtyler@obrechtproperties.com


Phyllis Iervello

Email: piervello@obrechtproperties.com

Property Management

Lisa Bivona

Email: lbivona@obrechtproperties.com

Amy Gable

Email: agable@obrechtproperties.com

Michael Mueller

Email: mmueller@obrechtproperties.com

Dudley Obrecht

Email: dobrecht@obrechtproperties.com

Peter Obrecht

Email: pgobrecht@obrechtproperties.com

Samantha Pierce

Email: spierce@obrechtproperties.com

Ralph Schwarz

Email: rschwarz@obrechtproperties.com

Mark Andrus

Johnnie Brown

Joseph Green

Kip Green

Lou Green

Brian Mueller

Tim Wehberg